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On your first visit to our office you can expect to meet with our friendly Dental Receptionists Linda and Tina.

They will welcome you by ensuring the safety of you and everyone else who may be visiting our office at the time, as well as our awesome staff by taking your temperature upon arrival.

Linda and Tina will also be able to answer any questions you have regarding your visit with us. If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, they will also do their best to get the answers for you.

If you have not filled out your New Patient Medical forms and your covid questionnaire online then they will gladly have you fill them out here at the office and assist you with it if needed. On your first visit you can expect to be here anywhere from 40-90 minutes.

You will then meet with one of our Super knowledgeable Dental Assistants Cheryl Ann or Kyzie and they will proceed to go over your medical paperwork with you and address any concerns you may have with regards to pain or a problem you have been experiencing with a certain area or to just complete your required x-rays and photos. We offer our patients a great experience by taking digital xrays which are quick and easy, If you experience any Dental anxiety you can be sure they will calm you and treat you gently and respectfully and explain everything as they go along.

Its a simple process to book an appointment...


You will then meet with one of our very friendly and well educated, gentle Dr.’s.

Each one brings something unique and special to our office and you can view their bios on our website.

They will then go over the x-rays and photos taken and do a complete and comprehensive oral health care examination of everything that may be happening in your mouth.

They will explain everything they see to you and you will also be able to view the x-rays and photos on a screen along with the Dr. We have the most up to date equipment available to help you understand and see exactly what the Dr. is explaining to you.

If you do require some dental treatment, then the Dr. will develop a treatment plan along with you to address any cavities or restorative treatment with you.

If you require any type of impressions to be taken we have a new method of scanning your mouth it is called and ITERO SCAN, rather then having you experience the old method of putting alginate in your mouth with a tray ---- this is much more comfortable and precise!

Dr. Nerdin Medhat
Dr. Mohamad Khorshid
Dr. Dina Alnumani


The Dr. may then ask that you visit with Tina at the front desk and together with you she will develop a plan of treatment for you and go over any financials questions you may have. She will send any estimates you might require to your insurance for you and follow up with you to make sure you have received them in a timely manner.

We are also happy to announce that we have the convenience of offering our patients in office financing through IFinance at zero interest.

To schedule your restorative treatment such as fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, we have the great pleasure of offering our patient the experience of having this done all in office with our new Cerec milling machine. With this machine we are able to produce your crowns and bridges and implants here in our office and limit the amount of times you will need to attend the office for appointments.


On this visit you may also visit with one of our very friendly Dental Hygienist, Emily or Margarita. We are very lucky to have two very thorough and well-educated ladies to take great care of our patients.

They will proceed to view your x-rays and photos and any Dr.’s suggestions for your treatment as well as go over your medical history and medication list.

She will also take your blood pressure. As your health and safety is a great priority to them.

They will then proceed to perform a periodontal examination for you, this will tell them the health of your gums and supporting bone and tissue.

Depending on her finding she will then continue with a thorough dental cleaning for you. She has many tools available to her to make your visit the most comfortable she can.

As she is performing the cleaning, she will educate you about the conditions she is seeing in your mouth and suggest ways to care for your oral health care at home. She will keep track of your progress on each visit to our office.

She may also do complete polish and fluoride to finish. She may also suggest to you to return for some more visits with her depending on her findings.

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