Dental Braces in Hamilton

Orthodontics Dentistry focuses on teeth and jawbone alignment to improve one's smile and oral health. Crooked teeth are not only hard to clean, but also at risks of tooth decay and gum diseases. Deciding between traditional braces or Invisalign aligners may be quite a challenge. Your dentist will help you choose from a variety of available orthodontic options.

Traditional Braces

In orthodontic therapy, conventional metal braces are the most common type of dental braces. They are silver-colored brackets made of a combination of nickel, stainless steel, and other materials. They are durable and do not break easily.

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Some of Our Dental Braces Cases

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Traditional Braces consist of brackets bonded to the front part of the teeth. They all come in different shapes and sizes. Each bracket has edges with metal or rubber bands tied around to hold an orthodontic wire in place. The wires are gradually replaced as the teeth recover to enable alignment; the wire allows the teeth to move and the bracket acts as an anchor.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

  • They are durable and do not break easily
  • Metal braces are cost effective, unlike other modern forms of orthodontic therapy
  • They are convenient for kids, teens, and adults
  • Metal braces come in a variety of colors depending on individual specifications

How Dental Braces Work?

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